CALL TO ORDER: The regular meeting of the Point Marion Borough Council was called to order by President DuBois at 7:00 PM. A moment of silence was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLL CALL: President DuBois, Vice President Reynolds, Councilwomen Shaffer, Griffith, Evans, Councilmen Kaczmarczyk, Kelley and Mayor Ables.

ENGINEER’S REPORT: Mr. Colebank reported on the Water Line Project and stated that this present Payment Request # 26 will be the last pay request for the project with the exception of the additional work on the project that has yet to be settled on by the Contractor and the Engineer. So far Contract # 3 stands at $ 628,813.00 less $35,000.00 retention. With the change order requests it looks like there is around
$ 275,000.00 remaining in the construction budget. We will be working on the change order request language in the next two weeks so we can close out the project hopefully by the end of August. He presented Payment Request # 26 in the amount of $ 41,555.80, with $ 35,444.15 going to John T. Subrick, $ 5,866.65 to Alpha Associates Inc., and
$ 245.00 to A-Affordable Sanitation Inc. A motion by Vice President Reynolds and second by Councilman Kaczmarczyk to approve the Payment Request and authorize the President to execute the necessary paperwork. Roll call showed all in favor, motion carried by unanimous vote.

READING OF THE MINUTES: Council reviewed the minutes of the previous meeting that were provided prior to this meeting. Having no additions or corrections a motion by Vice President Reynolds and second by Councilman Kaczmarczyk to accept the minutes as presented. Motion Carried.

MAYOR’S REPORT: Mayor Ables reviewed the Activity Report from the Southwest Regional Police Department for June. He stated he is completely satisfied with the performance with the police department and is working very well.

SECRETARY/TREASURER/BOROUGH MANAGER’S REPORT: Mr. Strimel reported he has prepared a list of all landlords for the Code Officer and they will receive a copy of the rental ordinance with the necessary forms to register their properties. Registration will begin August 1st and for the first month there will be no charge for the registration and from September 1st to September 30th the fee will be 50% of the regular cost of registration, after September the fee will be full price. He also reported on the insurance policies that expire on August 1st. He is awaiting prices from two insurance agencies and ask action to be taken since this is the last meeting we will have before the deadline. It was decided that he will contact Councilmembers when he has prices and then award the policies to the lowest responsible proposal. He then
Regular Meeting July 16, 2014
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reviewed and explained the Treasurer and Budget Reports for June. A motion by Vice President Reynolds and second by Councilman Kelley to accept the minutes as presented. Motion Carried.

SOLICITOR’S REPORT: Mr. Grimm presented a response to the damage claim to from Columbia Gas Company stating that we deny the claim and that the Borough took all proper One Call reporting procedures and that they failed to mark their utilities.
He stated that he is still working on some issues connected with the Camp Run Park Bridge plan.

GRANTS: Councilwoman Evans reminded everyone of the Lenders Meeting July 31, 2014 from 9:00 – 11:00 am at the firehall. Councilman Kelley stated
he is still working on the e-mail project.
PARK: Councilwoman Evans stated she will be purchasing the items that were
taken from the park using the insurance payment. Weather permitting there
will be a Movie at the Park Saturday July 19, 2014 at dusk. Working on an
agreement with the Fayette Westmoreland Boy Scouts to sponsor an Explorer
program for youth age 13 and up. The National Road Heritage will enter into
an agreement allowing the Borough to receive tax free donations for the Park.
LIBRARY: No Report
POLICE: No Report
STREETS: No Report




ADJOURNMENT: Having no other business to come before Council, a motion by Councilwoman Shaffer and second by Vice President Reynolds to adjourn at 8:38 PM. Motion Carried.

Arthur J. Strimel
Borough Manager.