CALL TO ORDER: The Regular Meeting of the Point Marion Borough Council was called to order by President DuBois at 7:03 PM. A moment of silence was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLL CALL: President DuBois, Vice President Reynolds, Councilwoman Evans, Councilman Kelley present, with Councilman Kaczmarczyk arriving at 8:15 PM and Councilwoman Shaffer and Mayor Ables absent. There is a quorum present.

ENGINEER’S REPORT: The engineer reported that all work is complete and we will need to schedule the final inspection for the project. Alpha has received change order for extra work that was performed and will review them to come to an agreement. He presented Payment Request # 25 for work that has been performed and was verified and will be submitted to RUS for payment. A motion by Vice President Reynolds and second by Councilwoman Evans to approve Payment Request #25 and authorize the President to execute all necessary paperwork. Roll call showed all in favor, motion carried by unanimous vote.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Michael Weitsell appeared before Council to explain an upcoming Basketball Camp to be held at the Park. This will be a free event and will be open to youths from Point Marion and surrounding areas. They will be getting information out to the public with sign up and age limits.

READING OF THE MINUTES: Council reviewed the minutes that were provided prior to this meeting. The day of the Coffee and Conversation Meeting should be Wednesday instead of Monday. A motion by Councilwoman Evans and second by Vice President Reynolds to accept the minutes as corrected. Motion Carried.


SECRETARY/TREASURER/BOROUGH MANAGER’S REPORT: Mr. Strimel reported on a change to the grant for the Park, The engineer finds that we cannot put the Sweet Smelling Toilet in the area that was originally planned due to utility lines in the ground and would be too expensive to relocate them. Instead they want to remodel the present restrooms at the field house and make them assessable during Park hours by using time lock doors. A motion by Councilman Kelley and second by Councilwoman Evans to adopt a Resolution approving the use of the part of the field house for public restrooms subject to final approval from the Council of plans and cost of

Regular Meeting June 18, 2014
the project. Roll call showed all in favor, motion carried by unanimous vote. He then reviewed and explained the Treasurer and Budget Reports for May. A motion by Vice President Reynolds and second by Councilman Kelley to accept the Treasurer and Budget Reports as presented. Motion Carried.
SOLICITOR’S REPORT: Mr. Grimm Reported on Camp Run Bridge issue and will have a complete report on it at the next meeting. He then presented and explained the Rental Ordinance 001-14. He stated that it has been advertised in the newspaper and that Council can pass it at this meeting. It will go into effect in 30 days. After some questions from Council, a motion by Vice President Reynolds and second by Councilman Kaczmarczyk to adopt Rental Ordinance 001-14. Roll call showed 3yes and 1 abstain vote, motion carried by majority vote.
GRANTS/COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Councilwoman Evans reported on the Mon-Valley meeting, they presented their 5 year plan for development of tourism and community development for the area. Their next meeting will be in September. She also reported on the progress with Free Flow Power concerning the hydroelectric plant at the Point Marion Lock and Dam, it looks like the project will hinge on an agreement with the property owners that are affected with the project.
PARK: Councilwoman Evans stated the Park is missing out on pavilion rentals, the Commission will work on policy and fees for its use for next year. We are in need of new members, anyone interested can contact me or any member of the Park Commission. Still working on getting the Farmers Market up and running this year, but ran into a shortage of vendors at this time. The softball league is up and running and if the weather would cooperate they could be in full swing.
LIBRARY: No Report
POLICE: No Report
STREETS: No Report
UNFINISHED BUSINESS: President DuBois polled Council if there had been any interest in the vacant Council seat. Only one letter has been received expressing interest in serving on Council. The Secretary read a letter from Kathy Griffith stating she is interested in the seat. A motion by Council Kelley and second by Councilwoman Evans to appoint Kathy Griffith to fill the vacant Council seat due to resignation of Kevin White.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Coffee and Conversation with Council will be Wednesday June 25 at 7:00 PM.
ADJOURNMENT: Having no other business to come before Council, a motion by Vice President Reynolds and second by Councilman Kaczmarczyk to adjourn at 9:10 PM. Motion Carried.

Arthur J. Strimel
Secretary/Treasurer/Borough Manager