CALL TO ORDER: The regular meeting of the Point Marion Borough Council was called to order by President DuBois at 7:01 PM. A moment of silence was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLL CALL: President DuBois, Vice President Reynolds, Councilwomen Shaffer, Evans, Councilmen Kaczmarczyk, White, Kelley and Mayor Ables present. All present or accounted for, a quorum present.

ENGINEER’S REPORT: Mr. Colebank reported on the progress of the Water Line Replacement Project and stated that he anticipated all work being done by the end of May and that close out should be completed by the end of June depending on the weather and unforeseen setbacks. He also reported that he has sent a letter responding to the additional pay request for extra work done and updated Council as to what that work encompassed. He then presented a Pay Request # 24 in the amount of $ 90,326.24 that included work by John T. Subrick Co. for work done to date, McClure & Wolf CPA’s for 2012 Audit and Alpha Associates for inspection work to date on the Water Line Project.
A motion by Vice President Reynolds and second by Councilman White to authorize the President and Secretary to execute all necessary for Pay Request # 24 in the amount of
$ 90,326.24. Roll call vote showed all in favor, motion carried by unanimous vote.


READING OF THE MINUTES: Council reviewed the minutes that were provided prior to this meeting. The meeting with Free Flow Power is Tuesday June 10, 2014 not Wednesday June 10, 2014. A motion by Councilman White and second by Councilman Vice President Reynolds to accept the minutes as corrected. Motion Carried.
MAYOR’S REPORT: Mayor Ables presented the police activity report from the Southwest Regional Police Department and stated that overall he is satisfied with the job that they are doing.
SECRETARY/TREASURER/BOROUGH MANAGER’S REPORT: Mr. Strimel announced that the Spring Clean-Up/Hard To Recycle Event will be May 29th,30th and 31st. The Hard To Recycle items will be picked up by our employees on Thursday and Friday and the rest of the Clean-Up items will be picked up Saturday by our solid waste Contractor. Items must be put out early as they will only make one pass on Saturday. He ask permission to begin to collect proposals for our insurance package as our present package has been in effect for a number of years and our insurance coverage has changed over the years. Our present coverage expires in August of this year. Council was in favor and President DuBois approved the request to seek proposals for the insurance package. Mr. Strimel reviewed and explained the Treasurer and Budget

Regular Meeting May 21, 2014
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Reports for April. A motion by Vice President Reynolds and second by Councilman White to accept the Treasurer and Budget Reports as presented. Motion Carried.

SOLICITOR’S REPORT: Mr. Grimm stated that the Rental Ordinance is complete and stated he will advertise it and Council will take action on the ordinance at the June 18th Regular Meeting. He also ask for an Executive Session for personnel at the end of this meeting.

GRANTS/COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Councilwoman Evans stated they have received a letter from DEP with some final requirements for the permit for the Sheepskin Trail. These can be worked into the design and they are still planning for construction to begin this year.
PARK: Mayor Ables stated that the damage repairs to the electric and water have been completed and all is a go for the Regatta next Saturday.
LIBRARY: No Report
POLICE: No Report
STREETS: Mr. Strimel stated that patching is continuing, trying to plan work
Around the rain drops and when we have all three workers has been a task. He also reported that the guard rails have been installed on Park Street completing that job that was paid for by the Act 13 Funds.
UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Councilman Kelley stated he has been working on a slogan for the Borough and would like some input, he has one in mind “ Get To The Point” . This could be used for events that the town has.

NEW BUSINESS: Councilman White stated that he regrets that he must resign from Council as he is moving to Greene County. He will get a letter to the Secretary in the next few days.
A motion by Vice President Reynolds and second by Councilwoman Evans to go into an Executive Session for personnel at 8:33 PM. Motion Carried.
A motion by Vice President Reynolds and second by Councilman Kaczmarczyk to return to Regular Session at 9:07 PM. Motion Carried. President DuBois stated that no action would be taken as a result of the Executive Session at this time.

ADJOURNMENT: Having no other business to come before Council, a motion by Councilwoman Shaffer and second by Councilman White to adjourn at 9:08 PM. Motion Carried.

Arthur J. Strimel
Secretary/Treasurer/Borough Manager