CALL TO ORDER: The Regular Meeting of the Point Marion Borough Council was called to order by President DuBois at 7:04 PM. A moment of silence was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLL CALL: President DuBois, Vice President Reynolds, Councilwomen Shaffer, Evans, Griffith, Councilman Kaczmarczyk, Kelley and Mayor Ables present. A quorum is present.

ENGINEER’S REPORT: Mr. Colebank gave Council a status report on the Water Line Project stating that there is still some paperwork needed to be completed before the project can be closed out. He also reported that there is a little over $ 90,000.00 left in the grant loan that will be returned. He is looking into the possibility of using that amount to replace the North Main Street water line that was removed from the original contract.


SECRETARY/TREASURER/BOROUGH MANAGER’S REPORT: Mr. Strimel presented the Minimum Municipal Obligation Report for 2015. A motion by Councilwoman Evans and second by Vice President Reynolds to accept the MMO report as presented. Motion Carried. He then presented and explained the Treasurer and Budget reports for October. He also presented Council with the September and October Reports and stated that if they have any question on the reports that can contact him for an explanation. A motion by Vice President Reynolds and second by Councilman Kaczmarczyk to accept the October reports as presented. Motion Carried.

SOLICITOR’S REPORT: Mr. Grimm stated the need to have an Executive Session for a legal matter at the end of the meeting.

GRANTS/COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENS: Councilwoman Evans met with
Donna Holdorf for a status report on the rail trail and the restrooms at the
Fieldhouse. She also reported that she had received an acknowledgement
from FERC pertaining the comment she had submitted. She reported on
the Riverfest (Regatta) Meeting and the Venture Scout meeting on
November 11th. She reminded Council members of the Rivertown
Holiday meeting on December 4th at 5:00 PM.
PARK: Councilman Kelley stated that members of the Commission have

Regular Meeting November 19, 2014
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closed down the park and winterized the equipment for the winter.
LIBRARY: No Report
POLICE: Mayor Ables stated that the volunteer fire department fire police will
help with traffic control in the case of water b7reaks.
STREETS: Mr. Strimel stated that the employees have all the equipment
serviced and are ready for the winter season.


NEW BUSINESS: Mr. Strimel presented and explained the proposed Budget for 2015. He thanked the Committee for assisting with the preparation of this years Budget.
In order to present a balanced Budget, a ½ mil increase in the real estate tax and a $ .60 per thousand-gallon increase in the water usage was necessary. After reviewing the Budget, a motion by Vice President Reynolds and second by Councilman Kelley to accept the Budget 2015. Roll call showed all in favor, motion carried by unanimous vote.
A motion by Councilwoman Griffith and second by Vice President to reschedule the Regular Meeting of December 17th to December 22nd to facilitate the necessary time line for the viewing of the Budget. Motion Carried.
A motion by Vice President Reynolds and second by Councilwoman Evans to go into an Executive Session for a legal matter at 8:12 PM.
A motion by Vice President Reynolds and second by Councilman Kelley to return to Regular Session at 8:39 PM. Motion Carried. President DuBois stated that no action would be taken at this time as a result of the Executive Session.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Coffee and Conversation November 24th at 7:00 PM.

ADJOURNMENT: Having no other business to come before Council, a motion by Councilwoman Shaffer and second by Vice President Reynolds to adjourn at 8:41 PM.

Arthur J. Strimel
Borough Manager