Point Marion Borough Regular Meeting October 1, 2014

7:00 P.M. October 1, 2014
1) Call to Order
2) Pledge of Alliance
3) Roll Call:
In attendance: Alfred DuBois, Gary Reynolds, Chris Kacmarzski, Victoria Evans, Patrick Kelley, Kathy Griffith, Carl Ables
Absence: Patricia Shaffer
4) Engineer’s Report: No Report
5) Public comment: No Public comment
6) Reading of the minutes
A. Regular Meeting September 17th, 2014: No minutes available
7) Report of Elected Officials
A. Mayor’s report: No Report
8) Report of Appointed Officials
A. Secretary/Treasurer/Borough Manager’s report: Borough employees have been carrying on their duties during the absence of the Borough Manager.
B. Solicitor’s Report: No report
9) Committee Reports and Recommendations
A. Building and Grounds: No report
B. Solid Waste Collection/recycling: No report
C. Grants/Community Development
FERC Scoping and Public Meetings: V. Evans reported there would be a FERC scoping and public meetings in Morgantown, Uniontown, and Pittsburgh for the proposed hydropower projects on the Monongahela River on October 7, 8, 10. There will also be a site visit to each project location, Point Marion’s will be 9:00 am on Wednesday, October 8 and the public meeting at 7:00 pm in Uniontown at the Holiday Inn.
Grant Opportunities: P. Kelley shared news about grant opportunities for non-motorized boat access that are accepting application.
Regatta Meeting: V Evans stated there had been a planning meeting for the Regatta recently and some decision had been to help improve the event. More to come in the near future.
D. Park
Cyclecross Race: V Evans report the bicycle race on September with over 150 racers from the surrounding region including Pittsburgh, Ohio, Morgantown, and WV went very well. Some community residents reported watching the race and enjoying it very much and thanked the Park commission for bringing the event to town.
Winterizing the Park: A discussion about winterizing the park included recommendations to store the power equipment in a more secure location during the winter months. Security cameras were also discussed and K. Griffith volunteered to research options and pricing.
E. Library: No report
F. Police: No Report
G. Streets:
Stop Sign on Church Street: It has been suggested that the stop sign in front of Apple Annie’s be replaced with a “Yield to Pedestrian” sign instead.
Trash on Camp Run Road: a question was raised about the trash accumulating at the end of Camp Run Road in the borough’s right-of-way and what could be done with to eliminate it? The solution is to have the Code Enforcement Officer look into the situation.
10) Unfinished Business
1. Water line project
2. Abandoned house (Stewartstown Road)
3. CSO-Long Term Control Plan
11) New business:
Motion to go into executive session for personnel reasons- Gary Reynolds; second Chris Kacmarzski;
Motion to end executive session- Gary Reynolds; second Chris Kacmarzski – No action taken
12) Announcements:
The Borough Manager has been ill.
Boy Scouts of America representative from Fayette/Westmorland will be at the Park Commission Meeting on October 8, 7:00 at the Borough Building to answer questions about scouting in the community.
Trick or Treat will be Friday, October 31 from 6:00 to 7:30 pm
Halloween parade is Tuesday, October 28th at 6:00 pm
13) Adjournment: Motion to adjourn- Gary Reynolds; Second Chris Kacmarzski; motion carried